Our Company

Our Profile

Owner / Manager of a high quality fleet of oil tankers and dry cargo vessels

Our Reputation

Excellent track record of safety, quality and environmental standards

Our Focus

Maintain a leading position in the international shipping community

Our Principles

Promoting transparency, integrity and ethical conduct in all our dealings

Our Objective

Maintain a strong Balance Sheet and capitalize on opportunistic vessel acquisitions

About Us

Atlas Maritime is an international shipping company managing a fleet of tankers, engaged in the worldwide transportation of crude oil and refined oil products. Atlas Maritime provides marine services in the oil industry for many major oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Phillips 66, BP, Shell and oil traders such as Trafigura, Glencore (ST Shipping) and Vitol. Atlas Maritime has built a reputation for safe and reliable seaborne transportation and enjoys an excellent record of Safety, Quality, Health, Security and Environmental protection.

Over 1 Billion in total transactions

Over 500 Million

     of total contracted revenues from

     investment grade counterparties

Over 100 years of history

2020 was a record year for Atlas despite Covid-19

Enjoyed the strong spot market in 1H20 and then fixed vessels at spectacular T/C rates ahead of the downturn

Best year in terms of EBITDA since 2008

Sold our oldest vessels for record high prices and generated exceptional returns to shareholders

Perfectly timed fleet renewal secured at the bottom of the market (4Q20)