Crisis Communications and Media management support drill, October 24 2013

A Crisis Communications and Media management support drill, for Atlas Maritime took place in our premises , by "Navigate Response".

The main subject of the course, is to provide media handling, in order to support Company's reputation management, in case of crisis.

The main focus of the exercise, is to allows the emergency response team, to focus on dealing with the operational side of an incident without being distracted by the pressures of the media.

The exercise plan, contains various stages which are designed to place the crisis team under increasing pressure.

As the crisis develops, the communications team will be expected to respond to media enquiries by email, telephone, down-the-line radio and on- camera, including door-stepping and at a press conference.

Unexpected twists are coming also in the scene,  and  the crisis team is kept on its toes and is made to think quickly and clearly.

Finally the exercise completed  successfully for all Atlas staff participating , adding a valuable training input towards a potential crisis.